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My Personal Journey With My Orbera Gastric Balloon Blog 3

Hiii...have u heard??? After putting on some extra lbs last year...I'm SO HAPPY I took this LEAP of faith & got the Orbera gastric balloon put in my belly because SOMETHING had to change...and now I'm ALREADY DOWN 20lbs!!! Dec 9th...I went to the Athenix office in Irvine, they put me out for about 15 minutes...while I was sleeping...a little tube went down my throat, when they got to my belly, they filled it with 600 cc's of saline...that 'balloon' will sit in my belly for just 6 months, then they take it out...but WOW...FEEEEELING FULL WORKS!! Feeling full has been a GAME CHANGER...I'm eating WAY LESS...because thats how this works...I can tell u more in detail via phone or email, if you are seriously considering doing this...I'm SUPER HAPPY and am going for the FULL AMOUNT...if you are looking to lose between 20-50lbs...schedule that consult!! And or email ME with ANY questions or concerns... :) Here's more posts too...and u can see regular updates on my social media on...

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The CRAZIEST thing for me, has been how my PALET HAS CHANGED...I ONLY want to eat FRESH, clean, healthy...I mostly eat sashimi, soups...yogurt...ahi poke...small bites...BITES BITES BITES...some water and Im FULL...I know everyone is different...but this is what's working for me...I HAVE ZERO DESIRE for garbage...NO CARBS, NO FAST FOOD...NO MEXICAN FOOD!! WTF???!!! YEP! I'm also NOT obsessing about weighing myself...I FEEL IT, I SEEEE IT...see it standing naked looking, see it in my face, my body and in my clothes...I prob wont 'weigh in' at Athenix 'officially' til the end of Jan or like next week...but I KNOW Im down 20ish...from my home scale...goin for 25 more...and I HATE TO ADMIT...but I have had noooo time to exercise ;/ but I WILL be doing it because I want those muscles TONED ...and I need a tight little booty too haa and firm arms etc...


Now, you can finally achieve your weight loss goals without the risk or downtime of major bariatric surgery. The new, FDA-approved device, Orbera™, is a small gastric balloon that is gently placed into the stomach so you feel fuller longer and can practice portion control with greater success. Orbera™ is a non-surgical solution to help jump start your weight loss and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

  • No Surgery, cutting, or stapling
  • FDA Approved Medical Device for Weight Loss
  • 12-month Medically Managed Support Program

FEELING FULL WORKS!! Dial #250 on your cell to get connected to Athenix & sched a FREE CONSULT! Or call 888-276-1535 !!! Mention my name and get a 1000$ OFF YOUR PROCEDURE!

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