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Here's Reasons Why This Town Is Using Silent Fireworks

Everyone loves a good firework show on the Fourth of July.

If you have a pet, you may already know that most animals don't like fireworks because of the loud noise.

A small town in Italy has solved that problem! 

In this town, citizens are required to keep their fireworks silent or quiet to respect the animals.

The use of silent and quiet fireworks has been on the rise in Europe over recent years.

The fireworks still feature beautiful bursts of color in the sky but it's jut a kinder more peaceful way to celebrate! 

The loud noises stress a lot of animals out and fireworks can be one of the worst triggers.

Humans can also benefit from quiet fireworks. For children who are easily scared or people who have PTSD that is triggered by loud noises.

Even though these fireworks aren't COMPLETELY silent, they just aren't as loud.

Maybe in the near future this will be how every 4th of July fireworks show is! 

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