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Ashton Kutcher Hit A Teenager On A Scooter!

If you are going to get hit while riding a scooter.... at least let it be by Ashton Kutcher!

Kutcher accidentally hit a young man with his car.

19-year-old Leo Margenghi was on his way to school to pick up the kids he was babysitting!

He happened to be riding one of the children's scooters when Kutcher pulled out of the driveway and hit him with a black Tesla.


Marenghi explained that there was a wall blocking where he was backing out so he couldn't see that he was coming. Once he saw him, it was too late.

Kutcher jumped out of the vehicle making sure he was alright.

He got out of the car immediately apologizing and making sure Leo was safe.

Leo then asked Kutcher if he was ok!

Luckily, both were safe and sound and asked Ashton Kutcher if he would take a selfie with him.

Leo said he wasn't going to to the police because he was OK.

He then posted the picture they took together on Instagram.

The caption read "Got hit by a car today.. But it's ok because it was by Ashton Kutcher."

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