Woman Returns Lost Wedding Ring Found In Instant Pot

On Christmas Day, Shiloah Avery opened her brand new Instant Pot and discovered a wedding ring in the box. Upon finding it, she was determined to reunite the owner with their ring!

After lots of Facebook searching and having others help her spread the word, she was able to find the owner within hours.

Avery said to Q13 that "I pulled the bottom packaging material out and there was a wedding ring in the bottom of it and it wasn’t just like an engagement ring it was an actual wedding band and ring. They'd been soldered together and you could tell it'd been someone's ring for a long time."

The rightful owner, Joann Johnson, lost her ring while shopping at Walmart a few months ago for Instant Pots. She said "Immediately it was like an electrical shock going through me. OK, I lost my ring by Instant Pots, someone just found a ring in an Instant Pot box."

Johnson proved to Avery it was her ring by drawing a picture of it. And later that same day the two met up and now Johnson will forever call Avery her "Christmas angel."

What an amazing story of a true Christmas miracle!

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