Maya Rudolph Shares The Scene From "Bridesmaids" She's Most Known For!

There's one movie that you'll always catch us quoting and that's the movie "Bridesmaids!"

Whenever we want to do something, but don't have enough money for it we love to quote "help me, i'm poor."

Well it's been eight years since the movie came out and Maya Rudolph says she's most famous from one scene in particular from the film.

When Bridesmaids co-star Melissa McCarthy was guest hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Maya revealed the one scene that she's always associated with.

"For me, I think I will always be the lady who took a sh*t in the street and you, you might have molten lava coming out of you for the rest of your life."

Check out the video below of Maya talking about her hilarious recent encounter at Starbucks when someone recognized her:

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