New Coke Is Returning In Honor Of Stranger Things Season 3!

In preparation for season 3 of Stranger Things, a retro soda is officially coming back!

The Coca-Cola product from 1985, New Coke, is returning tomorrow (5/23).

When it comes to the details of Stranger Things like product placement on the show, it was a no brainer that New Coke had to be involved.

When New Coke was originally released with a reformulated twist on the classic drink, it received a lot of backlash.

The backlash was so intense that it was pulled from shelves.

The old New Coke recipe will be making it's return with only 500,000 cans available for purchase on the Coca-Cola website and you can find it in select vending machines.

Grab your New Coke to drink while watching the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix on July 4th.

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