These Are Some Hacks When It Comes To Packing!

The two worst parts when it comes to going on vacation is packing and unpacking!

Well if you want to fit more stuff in your bags, here are some tips and tricks to make your life easier.

  • You Can Fit So Much Into A Pair Of Shoes
  • Fold All Your Clothes Into A One Big Neat Bundle
  • Shirts and Underwear Can Be Rolled and Stuffed Into Socks
  • Square Fold Your Shirt and Then Use A Belt To Keep It Firm
  • Put Foundation and Makeup Remover Into Contact Cases
  • Put Thin Plastic Sheets Between a Bottle and Its Cap
  • Put Jewelry in a Pill Case
  • Pack Stuff Into a Hat
  • Put the Heavy Stuff Next to the Wheels
  • Match Clothes to Your Itinerary
  • Use Shower Caps to Cover Your Shoes
  • Place Clothes Inside Dry Cleaning Bags Before Folding
  • Put Underwear in a Bra Cup
  • Put a Rubber Band Over a Book to Stop It Getting Bent
  • Put Hair Straighteners/Curling Irons in an Oven Mitt
  • If You’re Carrying-On, Wear Your Heavier Items
  • Invest in Some Packing Cubes
  • Don’t Worry About Packing Soap
  • Use Glad ‘Press’n Seal’ to Keep Jewelry Organized
  • Buttons Can Keep Earrings Together
  • Keep Delicates in Cloth Bags
  • Put Lotions and Creams in Contact Cases
  • Always Bring a Pen on International Flights
  • Keep Snacks Cold with a Frozen Sponge