IHOB Is Officially Back With New Pancake Burgers Added To The IHOP Menu!

Last year, IHOP broke the Internet when they announced the name change to IHOB for their new burgers added to the menu.

The Internet was not having it and ended up tweeting IHOP things like "stick with your good at and that's pancakes."

Well IHOP took that constructive criticism and just announced they're added pancake burgers to the menu!

There's three new burgers to choose from:

  • The Big IHOP Pancake Burger - This is Steakburger patties sandwiching a buttermilk pancake griddle with cheddar cheese American cheese, custom-cured hickory-smoked bacon and signature IHOP sauce on a grilled Brioche bun.
  • Garlic Butter Steakburger - This burger features a Steakburger patty topped with savory house-made Gilroy garlic butter, custom-cured hickory-smoked bacon, white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo on a grilled Brioche bun.
  • Loaded Philly Steakburger - Lastly this burger consists of a Steakburger patty topped with sauteed onions and peppers, melted white cheddar and a dousing of white cheddar cheese sauce on Brioche bun.

Do you plan on trying any of these burgers from IHOB aka IHOP?

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