Who's Ready For The New Jagermeister-Cold Brew?

I feel like I'm back in college JUST BY TYPING 'JAGERMEISTER'!!!! So here we go...and this new drink launch means we can all have a 'taste of college' if you're down for your cold brew to have a KICK! But WILL IT BE GREEN? And who will 'hold my hair'...like the old days? Ha I'm always down for a taste of something nostalgic AND creative...as long as it actually tastes good...is easy to find, oh yeah and doesn't have a GAZILLION CALORIES...We shall see...I've been googling and haven't found the calorie count yet...but looking forward to giving this a 'shot' when it arrives in stores in a few months...(hair-holding volunteers please submit via email)🙂 Cheers!! 

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