The One Where Friends Episodes Were Playing In Theaters! Grab A Ticket Now!

One of our ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOWS, starring our 6 bff's is being celebrated BIG TIME...Happy 25th Anniversary to our 'Friends'...I love that they are not just running regular episodes, in select theaters across the country but also showing NEVER BEFORE SEEN content AND even the infamous couch at Central Perk is set up in some theater lobbies for Instagram photo opps...Friends premiered Sept 22, its 25 years and 1 day EXACTLY...time to grab your a ticket and celebrate the gang!! For three days -- Sept. 23, Sept. 28 and Oct. 2 tickets and details below...oh and how about the Friends Lego's set...the new APP and that Central Perk 'couch tour'??? Ha read more here:

I LOVE this list of the top FUNNIEST "Friends" me, HANDS DOWN 'The One With The PROM VIDEO' is THEEEEEEE BEST EVER!!!!