You And Your House Can Smell Like Churros For Just A Few Bucks

Hello Churros fans! We all know its the REAL REASON we make SURE to hit the county fairs every summer! Ha AND the ridiculously tasty churro carts set up through Downtown Disney are just DELISH with all those crazy flavors!! Now YOU TOO can smell like our favorite sugary-cinnamon treat... and guess who's helping us do it? DEL TACO!! I'm a Del Taco fan...due to my addiction to their crispy fish tacos...but did NOT KNOW they also were doing THIS! So, get ready to bust out the diffusers my taco-churro-loving friends...because now, you can ALSO get their AROMATHERAPY KIT to FILL OUR HOME with the yummy smell of CHURROS & then some!! Check out the flavors AND its super cheap too (plus shipping & handling) ...geez...I think my fish taco costs more! Ha THANK YOU DEL TACO...ya just helped me kick off my Xmas shopping🙂 XO.

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