Watch A Favorite Halloween Movie Every Night Now Til the 31st!

Ohhhhhhh Halloween fans...its that time of year, when Freeform is about to become YOUR NEW FAVORITE CHANNEL!!! Or 'again' if you've gotten hip to this AWESOME thing they do every year now..SO SMART!! Last year, it was just '13 nights'...clearly...SO POPULAR, they had to expand!! Especially for folks who want to record their favorites...SO MANY great flicks to celebrate this month...Hocus Pocus plays a TON! So you could even plan little house parties around that...The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Scream movies...Monsters, Inc...Hotel Transylvania...Edward Scissor Hands is a FAV!! Check out the FULL LIST and get set to add some extra fun 'spooky viewing parties' to your Halloween TO-DO lis🙂.

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