What Is Disney's Frozen Fan Fest? And How Soon Can We Go?!!

Fans of ALL THINGS Frozen...are you READY FOR MORE? Like many...I became a fan of the movie because of a kid...my very special Goddaughter Genevieve, who's now 10! The first movie will ALWAYS hold a special place our my hearts...we LOVE the story, the songs and come on...for FIRST TIME...a Disney 'PRINCE' didnt save the day with 'true loves kiss'...it was 'an ACT OF TRUE LOVE' between the SISTERS!! Here's to GIRL POWER! We are beyond excited for the musical to come to the Pantages Theater AND NOW, with the new movie...Frozen 2 in theaters just before Thanksgiving...why WOULDN'T they have a Frozen Fan Fest with TONS of new merch, headed to the park???!!! Click the link for the scoop and starting saving NOW...because you and I will be buying ALL the jewelry for everyone on our Christmas list! (including ourselves!)🙂

For more info visit disneyparks.disney.go.com

Photo: Getty Images