Krispy Kreme's New Halloween Doughnuts Are Too Cute To Eat!

These ADORABLE new 'spooky' Halloween themed Krispy Kreme doughnuts are WAY TOOO CUTE TO EAT!! In fact...don't tell Krispy Kreme...but I say, just pop by a store and TAKE PICS FOR 'The Gram and race out of there!! Then you don't get the calories from buying and EATING THEM! Ha come on...look at these little've got the green one, called 'Slimon'...filled with lemon and topped with that adorable green 'face''ve got 'Mumford'...just a regular glazed doughnut topped with the Mummy-looking frosting...and 'Hypno-Henry'...filled with cake batter and topped with yellow and orange sugary yumminess! I'm not even going to Google the calories and ruin this post with the bad news...haa! Ok...IF U MUST INDULGE...why not do it for FREE? The nice folks at Krispy Kreme once again have confirmed...that if you show up in costume...u will be REWARDED with a FREEBIE! Check their site for details...the 3 new SUPER CUTE 'Halloween themed doughnuts will stay on the menu through October...hurry hurry!

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Photo: Getty Images