Alec Baldwin Falls For Statue Of Liberty Scam

He's been a favorite actor for a long time...known for so many roles in hit movies like Glenn Gary Glenn Ross, Working Girl, The Aviator, Beetlejuice, Still Alice, The Departed, Hunt For Red October, Married To The Mob and tons more...I liked him as a jerk in The Edge AND Notting Hill...and CURRENTLY entertaining folks on SNL doing skits playing Donald Trump...but Alec Baldwin is JUST A PERSON like the rest of us, persay...have you ever been SCAMMED? Alec admits to that happening to HIM...posting on his Instagram that he fell for a 'scam Statue of Liberty Tour'! Said they bought $40 tickets for a boat tour for the Statue of Liberty for his family, but instead they were escorted to a shuttle bus to New Jersey??

I'd be mad TOO!! Reports say Mayor De Blasio announced expanded enforcement against companies that mislead tourists and operate buses without permits. Pretty sure Alec Baldwin WONT be fallen for that one again!🙂 

One of THE MOST FAMOUS and FUNNIEST SNL skits EVER featuring Alec Baldwin