For The First Time Ever, You Can Do A Sleepover On The Goodyear Blimp!

Even if you're afraid of heights...THIS LOOKS AWESOME!

Airbnb is listing an overnight stay inside the ICONIC Goodyear Blimp for the FIRST TIME EVER! I can't believe they got this and are offering it to 'blimp enthusiasts' for a mere $150 a night??!! (plus taxes/fees)

Are you available Oct 22, 23rd or 24th? Well CLEAR THAT SCHEDULE for this epic opportunity...look at the gorgeous pics! And you can tailgate with up to 4 friends! And you'll get tix to the Notre Dame vs Michigan game 10/26 that the blimp will be flying over too! I guess the only draw back is you having to fly to the hanger in, check those flights NOW! And FINGERS CROSSED u get in...I'm guessing the second the booking hits on 10/15...those 3 nights are gonna book in SECONDS!!! Good luck!!