Kevin Jonas Got The Most Adorable Tattoo Of His Wife At LA Tattoo Shop!

Not sure WHO I'm a bigger fan of...the Jonas Brothers...OR THEIR ADORABLE WIVES?!!

Ha or as fans have called them the #JSisters !

Ok, BOTH! And NO the boys are riding yet another huge wave of success, thanks to their reunion and the awesome music on their new album Happeness Begins just cant get enough of the 'Jo-Bros' and 'J-Sisters' and LOVE how much love they all show each other on their social media AND THRU BODY ART!

Check out Kevin's sweet new tattoo of wife Danielle...a nod to her cameo in their 'Sucker' video, that featured ALL the wives...

OH and here's how you can WIN BOX SEATS to see the Jonas Brothers LIVE at The Hollywood Bowl!!

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