Maleficent And Aurora My New Favorite Mother Daughter Duo!

NO SPOILERS HERE! A HUGE fan of the first Maleficent girlfriend Lisa both saw that together and LOVED IT, so we HAD to sneak into an advanced screening for the follow up (ps WHY DID THEY WAIT SO LONG?!)

And we HAD to wear the horns! JUST for pics at the beginning...we aren't THAT rude to block people's view and piss people fact they were staring...a tad envious, wishing they had brought some too🙂 Bring 'em!!

Just bring the 'GOOD ONES'🙂

Maleficent Mistress of Evil...set to make at least $45 mil opening weekend. 

I'm already ready for the Mother-Daughter spin off 'For The Love of Beastie'!! ha 

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