Pinch And Tickle This New Human Skin Cell Phone Cover?!

This looks and sounds so I will promise you NOW...I will NOT BE BUYING ONE!! And I just read the fine print...its made of 'ARTIFICIAL SKIN' , silicone THANK GOD! Ha (cadaver skin, came to my mind when I first saw the headline ICK!) Researchers have created these FAUX skin prototype phone hopes of allowing a more "natural interaction with our devices"?? Giving users some 'life-like sensations' like being able to TICKLE AND PINCH YOUR PHONE??!!! Eeeeeww! WHY AGAIN? I understand most hand-to-device touching is pretty cold, with our fingers just typing/touching the buttons/keyboard etc...but I'll be sticking with my cute faux animal print and sparkly cases thank you! This sounds TOO WEIRD for me to touch! What do YOU think about this concept? COOL OR TOO CREEPY?

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