The One Where Monica With A Turkey On Her Head Became A Costume

Celebrating the 25yr anniversary of 'Friends', has just RESURGED its popularity ALL over again and fans are LOVING IT! So many funny, possible Halloween costume inspirations from throughout the 10 seasons...but THIS ONE? DEFINITELY a famous episode that one remembers around the Thanksgiving...but Halloween? Ohhh Monica...just because you wanted to cheer up Chandler that look what you've started! has made and is now selling this Giant Turkey Mask 'costume'...just in time for Halloween...hopefully you can really SEE THRU that 'see thru mesh' and not bump into party guests...and not too bad for $39 because u could probably wear it this year for Halloween AND save it for years to come, to whip out on turkey day...make your guests laugh...just like she did 🙂 Other popular Friends-inspired Halloween costumes include Holiday Armadillo, Pink Bunny & more...

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Holiday Armadillo! Ha

Pink Bunny, Sputnik and more! 

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