Costco Now Offers Eggnog Wine Cocktails

Someone just got suuuuuuper EXCITED about racing to Costco!!! As usual this time of year, Costco is selling their Kirkland Signature Eggnog treat, but instead of just the Wine Liquer version...there's now a WINE COCKTAILS version JUST in time for family gatherings and all those holiday parties! Sadly...knowing the ingredients off eggnog and guessing the calorie count, it will be best to SHARE THIS BOTTLE with others...or plan now, to treadmill it Xmas work off at least an extra 300+calories :/ 

I LOVE this @Costcobuys Instagram post..."Game changer! My Costco just got these 1.5 liter Kirkland Egg Nog Wine Cocktails! This is made with real dairy cream, contains 13.9% Alc/Vol, and is best served over ice. I cannot WAIT to enjoy the holidays with this right by my side!” 

They sell for about $8.99...see ya in the BOOZE ISLE at Costco🙂