This Video Of Dads Doing Ballet With Their Daughters Will Melt Your Heart!

OMG...SO CUTE!!! I LOVE this video and these big 'tough' Daddy's...being shown how to dance by their sweet little daughters at this dance studio in Philly...those faces...I CANT!! ADORABLE for the Dad's to not only have some quality time with their girls, but also very obviously out of their 'comfort zone', but in THE CUTEST WAY! I love that the video even got some comments on social media from celeb Mom's Kristen Bell & Jennifer Garner...

“Dads are the best,” Jennifer Garner posted on Instagram. “#TutuTuesday on a Monday.”

“There are some amazing papas out there!!!!” Kristen Bell wrote.

Find out more here: and lets get these classes going in EVERY CITY ACROSS AMERICA!! 

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