Coldplay To Stop Touring Until This Happens...

What a WAKE UP CALL for Coldplay fans and ANY ONE concerned about the future of our planet! The band has purposely put plans to tour their new album on HOLD...due to concerns over the environmental impact of concerts in general...but I think the statement and outcry from fans...will hopefully be CAUSE FOR ACTION. Chris Martin told the BBC News "We're not touring this album...we're taking time over the next year or 2, to work out how our tour can not only be sustainable but how it can be actively beneficial...have a positive impact" They've got just 2 gigs in conjunction with the release of their new Everyday Life of which will be broadcast free on You Tube...

How do YOU think us fans could support Coldplay and other bands to help our planet? Hear more from Chris here and about upcoming shows you can see other ways:

Visit for more.

Check out their new video for Orphans

Photo: Getty Images

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