12 Scams Of Christmas That You Need To Be Reminded Of!

'The MOST WONDERFUL TIIIIIIIME OF THE YEAR' can sadly often be the SCAMMIEST! This is a fantastic write up of the MOST COMMON holiday scams, these criminals come up with seemingly EVERY DARN YEAR...finding any way they can to take advantage of nice folks like you and me...GRRR! From TONS of look-alike websites to fake E-Cards...fake shipping notifications...letters from Santa...Grandparent scams (oooh that one makes me SO MAD!!) as does the PHONY CHARITY SOLICITS!!! 'Free' gift cards, travel scams....criminals are gonna come at us EVERY WAY THEY CAN...so DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING...but mostly just used TRUSTED sites, charities and companies you ALREADY KNOW AND USE and double check he SPELLING...they can trick your eyes with ONE letter wrong...just like how those robo-calls look like YOUR PHONE NUMBER...so you'll answer ;/ 

Go thru EVERY ONE OF THESE and STAY STRONG! YOU GOT THIS! Ha NO ONE is scamming US! For more info visit

Photo: Getty Images