Who's Ready For The All Vegan TV Network?

The popularity of plant-based EVERYTHING has really been exploding this year...now Vegans and meat-less lovers have a whole NETWORK to turn to...the Plant-Based Network debuted on Roku streaming devices...hoping to have MASS APPEAL in spreading the message about all things a plant based lifestyle. Look for shows about vegan shopping (items made with NO animal products) , vegan cooking of course, travel, health, fitness, education you name it...new original programming will round out the weekly schedule along with already popular shows like the Vegan Roadie, EatMoveRest, Vegan Mashup and more...the team behind it says 'they were all sick and tired of watching all the meat, dairy and drug commercials and BBQ meat competitions on other networks like the Food Network, so we decided it was time to create a TV network that was completely plant-based but also fun, entertaining and positive'. LOVE IT! I stopped eating meat and dairy over a year ago...BEST DECISION EVER! 

Viewers can watch a live stream o select shows on-demand for free through Roku...which also has 3+million viewers/subscribers on You Tube, Facebook and the Plant-Based Network website. 

Get more info here: vegnews.com

Photo: Getty Images

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