Take Your Holiday Pic With The Worlds Most Expensive Tree!

Okay...I've heard of people going NUTS with how much they spend to have neighborhood bragging rights on the BIGGEST, PRETTIEST MOST SPECTACULAR holiday display on the block... but WOW!!

A resort in Spain is now sporting a Xmas tree said to be worth about $15 MILLION!! And its not just the gorgeous ornate ornaments...the big $$ value is in the fact that there are ACTUAL GEM STONES ON THE BRANCHES of the tree!

White, black, pink and red diamonds and even some sapphires!! ;0 (I hope it comes with a few armored guards) ;/ No surprise top designers are involved but I say...start looking into those flights to Spain if you want to snag a picture next to this beauty...because if you able to get a ticket to a special 'Diamond & Champagne Night' the Kempinski Hotel Bahia is hosting Dec. 28th...you wound not only enjoy a FABULOUS MEAL but also a chance to WIN A DIAMOND🙂 And no doubt...a coveted pic with the now $15 Million dollar famous Xmas tree...

Thumbnail via Allessan

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