Who's Ready For An Edible Phone Case?

Well...as much as I knock mine around, man handle it AND know many times it hits the dirty ground...the LAST THING I'd want to do is um EAT my phone case ;/ Haa but this CHOCOLATE iPhone case does look tasty!

And could be the perfect holiday gift for a die hard iPhone fan...You Tube baker & Food Network judge Matt Adlard posted on his Instagram a whole video about this edible chocolate phone case he made...

I think he just did it for a fun challenge...the comments on his post, suggests he's been fantasizing about doing it for awhile...the way he made it...I could see him/us using that plastic template to create ALL kinds of tasty 'cases'...in MANY flavors and colors...again...NOT for actual use...just for EATING...what do you think...a great gift? Or waste of time?