All I Want For Christmas Is Mariah Carey's Cookbook!

Something A LOT OF US look forward to around the yep THE FOOD!! But especially all those unique and even 'secret' family recipes that we cant just pick up at a grocery store already made.

For my family...its Grandpa George's Garlic WAS a secret...til my Mom spilled the beans uh garlic powder...after he passed🙁 but now we make it every year in his honor🙂 And we knew Mariah Carey was the queen of Xmas MUSIC (ok mostly just the ONE super famous song) haa but did we know she is behind a TON of VERY popular 'secret' family recipes that she now wants to SHARE WITH US?

She recently sat down with GQ magazine to share her '10 Christmas Essentials'...where she loves to stay, her favorite holiday movies to watch AND how much she loves to COOK! Surprised? She said "People don't believe I cook. They think I'm LYING" but she LOVES IT AND usually ONLY cooks around Christmastime...serving up her Dad's 'secret' family recipes...find out more here:

Do YOU have a secret family recipe you make every year? 

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