Why Did A Car Just Get A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame?

Well this is a first...mostly reserved to celebrate the career accomplishments of famous HUMANS...now the 'Chevy Suburban' has become to the first vehicle to EVER receive an illustrious Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

HOW AND WHY you may ask?? Like mos of us...I haven't really been uh COUNTING the number of times certain cars have been turning up in hit movies and TV shows over the years...but Chevy has been pretty darn consistent for the past 70 years!

The Chevy Suburban has starred in more than 1,750 TV shows and films...and appearing in atleast one TV series every year since the 50's and in atleast one film every year since 1960! If you are still struggling to care...haa maybe this list will help...showing us the full list of the Chevy Suburban's film credits...like Cars 2, Mortal Kombat, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, The Incredible Hulk, the movie Ma, Adam 12, License to Kill, Sleepers, Training Day & Transformers The Last Knight...JUST TO NAME A FEW!!

Enjoy the stroll down memory lane and maybe give a 'CONGRATSHONK' next time one passes you by...

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