Airline Is Giving You Priority Boarding If You Wear An Ugly X-Mas Sweater

So far its only perk, has been making people laugh AND possibly helping you win 'Ugly Xmas Sweater Contests' for gifts, cash and or just bragging rights...ha but THIS may be the BEST PERK YET for our beloved annual tradition of making, buying & wearing these silly & often hideous articles of clothing...Alaska Airlines is AMP'ING UP the holiday cheer by offering PRIORITY BOARDING to ANYONE wearing an 'ugly holiday sweater'! The ONLY catch? You gotta fly on Dec. 20th...which oh yeah, happens to be 'National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day'...makes sense! They will also be showing FREE holiday movies in-flight too. So getting to plan your flights AND wardrobe accordingly...(festive tops will also work) and look for guests AND employees to be taking advantage and enjoying the fun. 

Photo: Getty Images