Tour The Famous New Brady Bunch House And Help A Great Charity!

Hello fellow DIE HARD 'Bunchers'!! ok...I just made that up...ha...I don't think us Brady Bunch fans back in the day had a 'fan group' moniker like they do today for 'fan armies'...but boy could I kill it at Brady Brunch trivia in High School! Love that show and family for so many reasons...and as you probably heard...thanks to HGTV...the house that was famously featured on the outside on TV...was actually TURNED INTO EXACTLY what the house 'set' looked like on TV...IN REAL LIFE...on the inside too!! SO EXCITING!! Even for the actors on the show if you watched 'A Very Brady Renovation'...

But MORE IMPORTANTLY ...since the show...only a few LUCKY celebs or people who 'knows someone who knows someone, who knows someone'...has actually got the TOUR THE BRADY BUNCH HOUSE!! But now...for a donation to an incredible charity...YOU CAN TOO!!! A LIFE LOOOOONG DREAM FOR SOOOO MANY OF US FANS!!

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO and only a few days left to bid!!!

ALL proceeds go to Venice Arts ...doing incredible work to ignite, expand and TRANSFORM the lives of local, low income youth through photography and film education...they also use their storytelling practices to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities around the world...and I LOVE THEM!! 🙂

Photo: Getty Images

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