Career Goals: 8 Year Old Made 26 Million On You Tube This Year!

So...ya went to COLLEGE did ya?? Get that nice degree to help secure a future...make 6 figures?? and the power of SOCIAL MEDIA as we know...has become a game changer for our world on SO MANY LEVELS! And Look at these You Tubers GO!! They are making BANK!! According to Forbes magazine...the person who made the MOST on You Tube last year...he made $26 MILLLLLLLION DOLLARS...and HE'S 8!!! He's the star of "Ryan's World"...he has his own channel with MILLIONS of contracts with Nickelodeon & Hulu to name a few...its started with unboxing toys on camera...and we are! I'm guessing some very smart family members might be involved in helping all this grow too?? Do you watch/rely on these You Tubers influence YOU what to buy? 

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Photo: Getty Images