Waiters And Waitresses Are Loving the #2020TIPCHALLENGE !! Can You Join In?

What a way to kick off the new year...WITH A BIG FAT TIP!!! Ok...it's especially nice, IF you can AFFORD to BE the 'big tipper' in this case...but I love the IDEA of it...its got a Pay It Forward vibe that I like a lot, ESPECIALLY to kick off the new year right! New Kids on the Block star Donnie Wahlberg certainly had fun with it, when a lucky waitress at an iHop in Illinois got his tip of $2,000.20 !! His wife tweeted about it and here we are!! I'm totally down to do an extra $20.20...seems like it would have a bigger impact on a small bill...like a cup of coffee...as apposed to leaving it on a $100 tab...that would expect $20 aka 20% right?? Ok...HAPPY TIPPING...whatever you can!! Then take a pic with the hashtag and post away!!🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

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