A Disneyland Discount Deal You Will LOVE!

We all know how much it costs...to experience one of our MOST MAGICAL AND MOST FAVORITE PLACES EVER!!! So...THANK YOU DISNEYLAND for offering this SPECIAL DEAL for Southern Cali residents...starting TODAY...Tuesday 1/7...locals can go to either park for ONLY $67 a day!!! Now through May 18th...details here: disneylandnews.com

Suuuure you'll need to purchase a few days worth, but we know...YOU'RE GOING TO WANT TO GO ANYWAYS...so why not save some $$?? Ha plus check out some MUST DO events/new things happening this year...like experiencing the NEW Star Wars ride...Rise of the Resistance!! The California Adventure Food & Wine Fest...the Lunar New Year celebration and more!!

Here's some pics from some of my Disney memories over the years 🙂


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