Finally...Mood Rings...For Your Dog!?

Hi fellow animals lovers...boy do we LOVE our pets!!

Even though, sometimes they can drive us CRAZY...wouldn't it be nice to 'get inside their head' and understand BETTER about their feelings, what they go through? What the're thinking? Sometimes we just can't figure it out...BUT, FINALLY a new 'mood ring' like gadget, could be the answer. 

There's a new product called the Inupathy harness...a 'smart harness' for dogs that's supposed to work like a mood ring and analyze your dog's emotional state. 

It monitor's its heart rate, then uses an algorithm based on how the heart rate spikes when they're stressed or anxious. Do you think it could really work? Maybe offer some valuable insight??

Currently its only available in Japan for around $37 U.S. dollars...check out more and the video of dogs with it on...its kinda cool! 

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