Eat Like Royalty With The New Gorgeous Disney Princess Dinnerware!

Disney fans...this is taking our love of Disney plastic souvenirs to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! Wow...I thought I cherished plastic goodies like my beloved Darth Vader mug and all the Disney popcorn holders I've collected over the years...but THIS IS CLASSY!!! This new 16 piece ceramic Disney Princess Dinnerware set has been popping up ALL OVER social media and I hear, SELLING FAST!!! The set honors four Disney CLASSICS...Cinderella, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Beaut and the Beast...and they are just stunning!! Reports say they've ALREADY SOLD OUT on Amazon and at Target...look at these pics!! Just a tad JEALOUS of these folks who got theirs...People magazine says Walmart still has them...GOOD LUCK!! and post your pics when you get yours...OH and invite me over to 'beeeeee your guest' and try them out ha🙂 

Check it out