Make Over $100k As A Manager At Taco Bell!

Life many folks, I've been a Taco Bell fan my whole life!! ESPecially during the laaaaaate night/tipsy college years eh hem...but always assumed a career in fast food...would just barely cover a person's rent! THAT IS CHANGING...the company has announced plans to pay general managers in a few test markets...a 6 figure salary!! Current salaries range from $50-$80,000 like many fast food chains...but they are hoping to UP THEIR GAME and entice some big In N Out Burger...hoping it will also boost 'team morale, customer experience, recruitment and retention'. And I thought DOLLAR MENUS WERE EXCIIIIITING!! Ha hey...people work REALLY HARD and the cost of living just keeps going THANK YOU TACO BELL for paying attention and giving back to your people! Find out more at

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