Australia Helicopter Drops 4,600 Pounds Of Food To Hungry Wallabies!

There hasn't been much positive news to share, since these HORRIBLE FIRES started burning in beautiful Australia months ago...the devastation...loss of life, loss of land and the loss of MILLIONS of animals...its BEYOND HEART BREAKING!

I saw this story and had to share SOMETHING positive that's being Australian officials have been dropping food and a reported 4,600 pounds of food, carrots, veggies and water from helicopters down to hungry wallabies...the New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service 'made it rain with carrots and sweet potatoes' 6 different colonies just to TRY and offset the horrors of these fires! 

It’s been estimated that 1.25 billion native animals have perished in the Australian bushfires, including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas and more. As many as 8,400 koalas have already perished in the fires in NSW alone, and these numbers continue to rise.

These fires are a threat to people, as well as their wildlife. Please check NSW Rural Fire Service, Emergency Western AustraliaSouth Australia Country Fire Service, or Victoria's Country Fire Authority for emergency updates.

We hope that everyone stays safe. And please click the links and give if you can. And PRAY for it to be over SOON!!🙁 

Image via Getty

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