Check Out This Fan's Very Own GB Packer's Home Museum!

Hey DIE HARD FOOTBALL FANS!!! Ahead of the FINAL playoff games this Sunday...GO '9ers!!!! :0

Titans AT the Chiefs at 12:05 pst 

The GB Packers AT the 49ers at 3:40 pst

I HAD to share this HARD CORE Green Bay Packers fan's ummm...'football man cave' or more so his 'PACKERS TRIBUTE MUSEUM'...this guys OVER THE TOP love of this team has gotten pretty expensive, it looks like but I love how he gives tours to his place all the time...just to keep showing that love! I mean we all have a keepsake from our favorite players/teams right? Packer Bob...takes it to a whole new level...(but I STILL don't like the Packers!!) ha

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