Postmates Is Giving Away 1 MILLION Dollars Worth Of Chicken This Sunday!

Who knew that FOOTBALL & CHICKEN went so well together?! According to Postmates...'chicken' is one the THE TOP 'Postmated' items during football for this Sunday's NFL play off games...on Sunday 1/19...they are GIVING AWAY 1 MIIIIIILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF FREE CHICKEN TO YOU!!! 

++All you need to do, is download the app...OPEN THE APP...find your favorite chicken order and use the code FREECHICKEN !!! and BOOM!!! Hopefully you will be a lucky 'WINNER' and get your piece of that MILLION DOLLARS WORTH of freeeeeee chicken THIS SUNDAY while your cheering on your teams!! 

Find out more below and don't forget to ORDER EARLY!!! Once a million dollars worth of FREECHICKEN orders are placed...then they are DONE with the freebies!! So briiiiiiiing on those chicken wings and let's do this!!