Harry Styles Look-A-Like Works for Starbucks and the Internet is Obsessed

WOW!! Who knew Harry Styles had a "twin"...THAT WORKS AT STARBUCKS!!!

Look at the pics and Tik Tok video of this cutey someone posted while going through a Starbucks drive thru! Its Harry's unofficial/OFFICIAL doppelganger "Barista Sean" and now all of us fans just need to know WHATS THE ADDRESS OF THIS STARBUCKS??!!! I'm sure it helps him with the ladies, but geez I bet business at the Starbucks has doubled? TRIPLED?? Give that boy a raise! Ha!

I mean Harry does have a pretty good sense of humor. I wouldn't doubt he'd jump behind the counter at a Starbucks just for fun! What do you think; is this Harry's secret twin or what?