Lisa Foxx Chats With Greg Cohen A Scleroderma Warrior

Greg Cohen is a Scleroderma Warrior. Scleroderma is a rare autoimmune disease that is most often diagnosed in women and less so in men. It is translated to mean “hard skin.”

He will run 4 marathons, each under 4 hours, across the country to bring awareness to Scleroderma and raise no less than $10,000 . The plan is to run Walt Disney Florida in January, Los Angeles in March, San Francisco in July, and end the journey in Philadelphia in November. Along with my amazing care team at UCLA consisting of Dr. Elizabeth Volkmann and UCLA Health, we are going to raise money to direct it for research just for Scleroderma. To help visit

Project Scleroderma’s two-part mission is to raise the global level of scleroderma awareness as well as to help support the scleroderma patient community as they work to cope with challenges of life with this autoimmune disease.

For more info and to donate visit

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