Details Of Taylor's Relationship Revealed In New Netflix Trailer!

Photo: Getty Images

FINALLY!!! The Miss Americana trailer has been released and we get a nearly 3 minute GLIMPSE into what we can actually expect Taylor Swift to reveal in her new Netflix documentary. This looks SO REVEALING. This is a chance for her to share MORE of her story; more then she could maybe share in just a song or in her interviews. Looks like she is CLEARLY STEERING THIS BOAT NOW and its so empowering! I'm so proud of her! I know fans will appreciate this more in depth look at Taylor; personal, professional, her feelings about EVERYTHING, and yes, we finally get to hear about THE BOYFRIEND and SEE THEM together 🙂 They've kept it so private and that's probably why it seems like its really been working for them.

Check out the trailer and catch Miss Americana when it hits Netflix starting Jan 31st!