LA Dodgers Visit Saugus High School Shooting Victims and First Responders


LA Dodger players kicked off their annual community service week this past Monday, connecting with a variety of groups and organizations in different cities all week long showing that love! Today, they wrapped things up with lunch and a rally showing love for students and first responders at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita. All of whom are all still shook by the horrible school shooting that took place there back in November🙁

You can tell everyone truly appreciated the kind gesture and this is sure to be a day they will NEVER FORGET. The fact they took time out of their busy schedules to show up and show out for these students says a lot about the team! The Dodgers annual Fan Fest is happening ALL DAY Saturday at Dodger Stadium and it looks like our boys in blue are in full force with fans and our community already! GO BLUE!! 

Check out the video to see the Dodgers make Saugus High School's day a little brighter.

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