Dunkaroos Are Making A Comeback And 90's Kids Are Freaking Out!

Its SNACKTIIIIIME...TOTALLY 90's STYLE!!! Oh boy...even just HEARING the name 'Dunkaroos' made me smile! Thank you General Mills!! Since reboots of pretty much EVERYTHING are SO IN...why not bring back another popular snack that spread pure joy back in the day! And by the looks of how the news is blowing up on social media...its sure to be a hit all over again. After years of ONLY being available in Canada...the cereal company announced plans for a Dunkaroos RELAUNCH in the US as soon as this summer...starting with their most popular flavor vanilla cookies with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles!! YUM!! And noooooo...do NOT GOOGLE THE CALORIES!!! Ha just pick a fun Friday night, a good flick and enjoy a nice bite of nostalgia🙂