New Justin Bieber Video Fueling Funds For LA Women's Shelter

I LOVE when music videos are not only super cool & creative but also when the platform is used to do GOOD for others!

A new video from Justin Bieber & Quavo is helping fuel funds into a women's shelter I'm very familiar with here in LA. They are the REAL DEAL!! The video for their song "Intentions" tells the story of a group of women in search of a better life in Southern California. They all live at Alexandria House; a shelter for homeless women and women with kids. The video ends with a shout out to the shelter, whom Justin & Quavo donated $200,00 to! A link is also offered so others can participate in giving back and we hear the response has been AMAAAAAAZING!!! As of last week TMZ reported more than $10k in donations of all increments from $5 to 1k!

WOW!!! I just watched the video again and I'm not cryyyyyying, YOU'RE cryyyyyying!!! If this is the "Intentions" of Justin Bieber's new vibe.... I'M ALL IN!! XOXO!!!

Check out the video here:

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