Naming A Cockroach After An Ex & Watching It Get Eaten For V Day Is Back!

Awwwww love is in the air...NOT! ;/ Ok...whether or not you actually have an ex that deserves to be devoured in front of the masses in this most cruel way...its still just kinda fun🙂 Even for those of us that aren't really 'haters' around Valentines Day...I plan on watching my ROACH die in the name of MANY who have hurt...that's right...I'm naming mine 'Pumpkin Eater' it, the ROACH will represent all CHEATERS!!!! Now theeeeeeeeey DESERVE TO BE EATEN IN A BAD WAY!! CRUNCH CRUNCH!!! As the WORLD WATCHES IT ALL on the live stream...haa that's right...these zoo's in Texas are at it again this year, after last years epic response...people loved it...a WIN WIN for everyone...a weeee bit of revenge while a hungry animal gets a treat all the while, raising money for the zoo...heck the San Anotonio Zoo will even let ya upgrade to feeding a RAT to a reptile for $20...OUCH!! Details are here...but hurry!! There's a deadline and they might run out of....oh, never mind...cockroaches are gonna out live us, I forgot ;/