Get Your Anti Valentine's Day Fix Throwing Axe's!

While thousands of super annoying couples will be going OUT and spending a ton of money doing what they THINK they are supposed to be doing on this fake, forced holiday weekend (wow I am not mincing words here) haa...I think this is a FANTASTIC idea for singles, couples AND groups of friends just for something new, physical AND challenging...AXE THROWING!!

Its the hot new thing and these spots are popping up everywhere...some even offer beer, wine...some say you can bring your own snacks...I hear they offer great coaching and even have lighter/smaller ax'es to throw if the bigger ones are wearing you out, are too heavy...the reviews are so fun!!

Sounds like a great way to spend a hour...I wonder if they will let you put photos up at the other case uuuuuuu....ah never mind...ha...go blow off some steam and learn a new skill...oh I LOVE the disclaimer...'CLOSED TOE SHOES REQUIRED' haaaa ouch ;/ 

This LA AX is the hot new spot near me, that we are gonna try...I will report back. 🙂 

Here's some Yelp reviews and what people are saying about a few spots...

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