This Dog Collar Turns Your Dogs Bark Into Bad Words!

Ok...I can ONLY think this may have been inspired after TOO MUCH DRINKING OR someone like me who has a neighbor with a new dog who barks at EVERY LITTLE THING and it drives me nuts!! THAT aggravation + drinking! UGH! I literally TIP TOE IN my back gate and the darn dog loses it! I know, I know...a great 'burglar' alarm but OUCH my ears and it goes ooooooooooooon forever, so how about a dog collar that displays SWEAR WORDS when your dog barks?? Haa Hmmm...these new 'Cuss Collars' seem like it would be funny for about 1 minute or 2 but any REAL DOG LOVER wouldn't let it go on and on for hours just to LAUGH AT YOUR DOG, would ya?? Ha well, looks like it's SOLD OUT!! So...what does that tell ya ;0)