Wait, There's A 'Luggage Jacket' You Can Wear Instead Of Carrying Bags?

I don't know about you, but I do a lot QUICK TRIPS...over-nighter's...up to the Bay Area especially...to see family, go for a work event or a concert etc...I just went to Vegas and was there less than 24 hrs...I saw Chrissy Tiegen tweet about this AND GOT SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

A chance to WEAR OUR LUGGAGE??!!! Check out this video of a company TRYING to raise funds for their concept of a 'LUGGAGE JACKET'!! LUGGAGE YOU CAN WEAR!! Thus avoiding any baggage fee's from airlines that charge for extra for that...haa I do agree with Chrissy's comment...WEARING an extra 30 lbs could be taxing...

ESPECIALLY if you were running laaaate at the airport...but its seems so easy compared to lugging around a big clunky bag and a fab option to be HANDS FREE on your next trip? What do you think? Oh and the video came out awhile back...I cant see if they got it funded yet...would you buy/try this?? 

Image via Getty

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